It's no secret anymore - COVID-19 has brought about massive amounts of hate and xenophobia towards Asians and Asian-Americans. In 2020, we saw a 150% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes, especially against seniors.
As a proudly-owned Asian-American business, we believe that unity and empowerment is needed now more than ever. It has been absolutely spectacular to see our community taking the situation into our own hands, and banding together to support one another. It has been an incredibly inspiring time, and helped motivate us to figure out our own ways to give back to the community.
That being said, it is with great excitement to announce that we have partnered with Heart of Dinner to donate a toothbrush to Asian-American seniors for every purchase made!
Heart of Dinner founded was onset of COVID-19 and works to fight food insecurity and isolation experienced by Asian-American seniors—two long-standing community issues heightened by the pandemic. The organization works to provide meals to these individuals, ensuring they are well-fed while also giving Heart of Dinner's restaurant partners consistent work.
While Arashi Goods is not in the food business, we do still believe in having access to basic hygiene needs, such as a toothbrush. On top of this, the Micro-Nano is specially designed for sensitive gums/teeth, which would be particularly beneficial for seniors. We hope that this contribution will provide more security and better wellness for our Asian American senior community.
Arashi Goods is not in the business for profits. We are in the business of impact, whether it's positively impacting the environment, or positively impacting our community. We firmly believe in the idea that as a community, we should all work to lift each other up as one unit. We encourage all other individuals and businesses to harness their own unique strengths to contribute to a more positive and empathetic future for all.