All hands on deck.

It's not a question anymore. Regardless of country, demographic, or background, we can all agree that we are destroying our planet with each passing day. From pollution, to deforestation, to climate change, we are facing a challenge so large and multi-faceted that we need everyone to play their own part in repairing the world we live on.

How we plan to help.

Our mission is not only to educate others on the amazing benefits of bamboo, but also to be the catalyst in the mass acceptance of bamboo in a variety of industries, such as wellness, fashion, and construction. We are huge proponents for the adoption of bamboo as a sustainable alternative resource and design our products with this goal in mind.

Our first fight: toothbrushes.

Every year, the US throws away 1 billion toothbrushes. This results in 50 million pounds of waste produced. To make matters worse, most of this waste will take over 600 years to biodegrade, as large corporations have opted to produce plastic toothbrushes in order to keep costs low. By switching to a bamboo toothbrush, we can drastically decrease the time to biodegrade from 600 years to just 3 years. Imagine the impact this would have if we all collectively made the shift from plastic to bamboo!
We’re a small company, but we are on the brink of something huge. This is bigger than 1 business, 1 industry, or 1 generation. This is for our future, our planet, our legacy.